Stalking My Vet

The vet that all four of my pets normally see has moved to a different practice. This different practice is about 15 minutes away compared to the slightly less than 10 minutes away that their current vet is. I only know one other vet at the current practice and while she’s nice, I really like the vet that we’ve been seeing for the past several years.

So I’m kind of torn about what to do. I mean of course as soon as I realized my favorite vet left I Googled her name to see if she was still in the area and found out what office she is working at. Then I decided we were going to start taking out pets to this other vet’s office because really it’s not that much further. I was 100% sure we were moving until about 5 minutes ago. Right after I made the cats’ first appointment.

Mostly because I feel sort of bad for abandoning my old vet since I’ve been going there literally since I got my first cat 9 years ago (and my parents took their cats there too, so really for even longer than that) and they’ve always been very nice, and they know my pets (which could just mean my pets are sickly/idiots and go to the vet WAY TOO OFTEN, but whatever). Plus is it weird that I’m sort of stalking the old vet and she didn’t specifically tell me where she was going? On the other hand, she knows my pets. She has been their primary vet for the past, probably 3 years, and she’s been through Gouda’s digestive issues, their pink eyes, and done both of my cats’ dental work. How can I want to lose that?!

Also, maybe that just makes now a good time to look for another vet’s office that’s closer to home in general. I’m sure there have to be some, and I have to admit it would be nice to find one that I could get to in 5 minutes or less.

So what would you guys do? I mean I can always cancel, right? Stay with the old vet, go with the new vet, look for a new vet altogether? AHHH!

2 thoughts on “Stalking My Vet

  1. Kimmy

    if it were me, and i really liked the vet that had been dealing with my pet and knows all of his history, I’d be inclined to stay with her. it would be nice not to have to start all over and have to explain all of his little idiosyncrasies.


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