I Had a Cold

It started last Thursday morning (Thursday before last I guess) with a light cough. Annoying, but not a big deal, right? Right.

As the day wore on the cough got more annoying and persistent and I told Nate that if Friday didn’t look better I was going to take the day off because even though the cough wasn’t awful I’m sure it was annoying as crap to the poor people who sit around me. He told me to suck it up since I was working from home in the morning anyways (my group was moving and I didn’t want to get to the office before the move was complete because then where do you go?)

So Friday morning I woke up and it was definitely worse. I was pretty sure I had the plague; Nate asked if I was sure it wasn’t any sort of flu, but WebMD assured me it was nothing more than the “common cold” so I figured that was probably it.  I called my doctor to ask what I could take and had to wait for the nurse to take my symptoms to the doctor and then get back to me with a list of possible medications.

It was a short list. A very short list. A list that contained two whole possibilities. I was sad.

I decided that since my cough was like 500 times worse and my nose was running like a leaky faucet and who knows, I might have been contagious, that I would just stay home all day and keep my germs to myself. I even spent my lunch break napping on the sofa which was really nice and made me wish every day was a working from home day. Oddly enough I actually started work early and stopped working late since I didn’t have to drive anywhere and didn’t feel rushed to get home in the afternoon to let the dogs out, but that’s another story altogether.

Saturday was better, in that I didn’t feel like I was dying any more, and now while my cough still lingers it’s still SO MUCH better than it was before and the congestion is totally gone so I can deal with an occasional cough.

So in the mornings I took Theraflu cold. I’ve never used it before and really? I liked it! I mean the lemon flavor was really pretty good and I was worried it would suck, but it didn’t. I wonder if anyone makes a non-medicated lemon flavored mix? Or would I just heat lemonade? Would that be weird?

Also kind of funny? The baby seems to be not a big fan of the coughing. Especially the non-stop-are-you-sure-it’s-not-the-plague coughing. I can feel it moving around a lot more now and I feel bad that I’m pissing it off, but really there’s not a whole lot I can do about it!