My Head is Killing Me

Warning: Non-baby-related-medical-overshare!

Almost two months ago I had 6 suspicious moles biopsied by my dermatologist. Four came back fine, one came back with a few suspect cells but all were removed with the biopsy, but the last one came back with a lot of abnormal cells and I had to schedule an appointment to go back in and have them further remove tissue to make sure they were able to remove all of the bad cells. To make the whole thing even more fun, the one that came back with the bad cells happened to be located on the left side of my head a couple of inches above my ear.

So today I went in, they numbed it locally and did their thing. They’re going to send this one off for testing again to make sure they got it all but said that usually afterwards it’s fine. And then the dermatologist put the fear of God in me. Basically having had a mole in that condition makes me much more likely to develop melanoma. Much much more. So I have to go in every 6 months and get completely checked over, and it’s just as well I’m not very good at tanning because unless I get desperate and go for a spray tan, last summer’s tan will be the last one I ever get.

I’ve always known I needed to keep an eye out on things like that, especially since my grandfather had melanoma, but it never quite hit so hard as having to go back in today so they could scrape out, hopefully, what’s left of the bad cells. He explained that they were not cancerous cells themselves, but they were abnormal and would have gotten worse if it hadn’t been caught when it was.

The extra bummer is that I now have stitches in the side of my head. It hurt enough just having it scraped for the biopsy so I’m extra looking forward to how this is going to feel. The numbing agent is starting to wear off and at first it just felt stretched but now it’s starting to hurt. They wrote me a prescription for a pain pill that fortunately my OB approved because I have a feeling that tomorrow this is going to need more than just tylenol! Plus, I’m not supposed to get the area wet for 48 hours, which means I won’t be leaving the house again til Sunday because tomorrow my hair is going to be GROSS!

So anyways, just a friendly reminder! Wear sunscreen! Lots and lots of sunscreen!

2 thoughts on “My Head is Killing Me

  1. You have my sympathies. “Getting a mole removed” doesn’t sound like a big deal, but from personal experience I know that it is very painful. I’m glad you were able to find a safe pain reliever!


  2. I’ve never had any moles removed, but it sounds painful. The whole “scraping” thing sounds so unpleasant. Good thing I avoid the sun like the plague. Everyone makes fun of me with my hat and umbrella at the beach, but I’m not going to get skin cancer!


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