New Digs

So last Friday my group was moved to the south side of the building we had been working in. It’s a nice area of the building; overall I really like it so far except that the office mail boxes are upstairs on the fourth flood and my desk is on the first floor and I just don’t see myself checking it very often now.


This morning I went use the restroom and when I was done the freaking toilet would not flush. I am not even kidding. I pushed the handle every which way, I pushed and held it, I pushed and released and pushed and released and pushed and released etc, but nothing. It made a slight noise but otherwise did not even attempt to flush.

I very seriously almost died.

Fortunately it was just pee because otherwise instead of just being severely pissed off I would have also been mortified.

As it was I came back to my desk and wrote “OUT OF ORDER” on a piece of paper and taped it to the door so no one else would have to go in and think some awful person is too stupid to flush the toilet. Then I went back to my desk and left a voicemail for the facilities group because even if they’re not the ones that fix it, they’re the ones that will have to contact whoever does. I’m guessing it’s the building manager since it’s a problem with the building itself and if they respond as quickly to this as they did that time I called to report a toilet was gushing water every time it was flushed (during our terrible drought two summers ago) then it will probably be fixed sometime in late October.

And just in case, every time I’ve gone in there since then (which let’s face it, I’m pregnant so it’s like once an hour at least) I’ve tried it again but so far it’s still broken. And my sign is still up, so that’s good.

Also, later on in the morning I saw a girl pulling a flat cart stacked full of boxes through the main door to the building and when she went over the hump of the entry half the boxes tumbled to the ground. I asked if she needed help and she said she was fine and I’m embarrassed to admit I totally hesitated before going over to help her pick up the boxes. Fortunately they weren’t ridiculously heavy because I’ve heard there’s some sort of pregnant woman lifting weight limit but I have on idea what it is. So as I stood there helping her pick up the boxes that were still on the outside of the building, both of us propping open the doors with our feet and leaning out to grab boxes, a very tall man walked over to the elevators and got on without giving us a second glance.

Now I don’t want to be all “he’s a man he should have helped” because it really has nothing to do with a man helping a couple of women, but how about “he’s a person watching two other people trying to restack these boxes that were stacked almost as high as they are tall” and he didn’t even stop to consider it. He just got on the elevator and went about his business. That just really annoyed me.

Otherwise I’m pleased to report my new seat is near a window and I’ve brought in a plan. If this plant lives I have plans for future plants, but I want to wait and see what this one does first. I’m very excited about the prospect.

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  1. kimmy

    near a window huh? must be nice. I hate you. out of jealousy of course…I basically work in the basement. it’s like a dungeon down there sometimes. I have been known to IM people just to get a check on the weather. sigh…I want a window


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