OMG Slugs!

So this morning I was doing my normal weekend outdoor stuff, which usually just involves refilling bird feeders, cleaning out the bird bath and checking on my plants and I decided to go ahead and move around some of the veggie plants since one was empty and another had been removed a few weeks ago I wanted to move the pots around to fill in the space.

So I moved the first small half barrel and there was a slug under it. GROSS! Seriously, extra gross even, I hate those things. Then I moved the green pepper pot off its base and since there was a slug under the first one I wasn’t taking any chances with this one. It was a basic terra cotta pot with a base that was sitting in the pine straw. So I flipped the base over with a stick and Holy Slugs, Batman! I mean it was CRAWLING with slugs. I about passed out on the spot. And then I ran inside to google “kill slugs” and frankly while some of the methods sounded pretty interesting (A bowl of beer? Really?) I wanted them gone pretty much immediatley so I grabbed the salt.

Let me just say, when I was thinking to myself “salt would be faster” I had NO IDEA it would really be so immediate. It was actually way grosser than I could have anticipated. I actually even took a picture of the nasty little goobers (before I salted them) but they’re so freaking gross I can’t bring myself to post it.

Seriously. EWW.

So I moved my remaining two veggie pots (green peppers and jalepenos) onto the patio and the lesson learned here was No More Pots in the Pinestraw. I mean EWW!

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