In the Bathroom

So yesterday Nate and I stopped at the outlets in Gaffney, SC on our way back home from visiting his mom in GA. While I was in the restroom there I heard a woman and her son in the stall next to me with the woman telling her son constantly not to touch “that” because it’s dirty. And he would repeat dirty and she would confirm that indeed, it is all dirty. So I was out washing my hands and she came out of the stall with her son in the stroller and they headed immediately for the door with her again, saying “dirty” to her son on their way out. Umm, how about washing some hands after using the restroom? Or are you afraid that if you touch the soap and water your hands may get dirty? I mean seriously!

Today I was washing my hands in the restroom at work and a girl that I don’t know (but see around all the time) asked me if I was pregnant. Basically. I noticed her kind of looking at me sideways for a second, probably trying to decide whether to ask or not. And really what she said was “You have a baby?” but since English is not her first language I took a little liberty in my interpretation. Anyways, I told her yes and she asked when I was due and if knew the sex, happily making polite conversation. (That’s right, people, I was able to make polite conversation with a stranger and it totally didn’t kill me! Shocking, I know!) So that was my first experience with someone who doesn’t know me asking if I’m pregnant. Since I am actually pregnant and I remember her being pregnant last year plus, you know, possible cultural differences, I decided not to try out my Line (OMG, are you calling me fat?!) because I know she was just being nice. And probably the maternity shirt I’m wearing today helps a little bit, but it’s nice to know that I’m finally going from looking like I just ate too many cheeseburgers to actually possibly being pregnant.

3 thoughts on “In the Bathroom

  1. I was at the mechanic when I was pregnant and he asked if I was and I was all, no. Are you saying I’m fat? He was completely horrified, started stuttering about how his wife was pregnant, etc. Then I laughed. That was kind of fun!


  2. Aww you were in Gaffney, that’s where I spend my Christmases and Thanksgivings (and where Jimmy’s family is)… There are a lot of scary people at that outlet mall.


  3. kimmykins13

    I think I have mentioned before that I am a complete and total germophobe when it comes to a public restroom. I avoid them at all costs. I will use them though if absolutely necessary and I just can’t hold it one minute longer and I will use the one at work because I have to. I never wash my hands afterward though. I can’t stand the sinks either so I grab a paper towel – open the door and head back to my desk throw the paper towel in the trash and douse my hands with the industrial size bottle of Purell anti-bacterial hand sanitizer I keep at my desk. If I’m not at work I have smaller size bottle of it in my purse. Yep, I’m a kook 😛
    P.S. I hope that is what that lady did with her kid.


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