Pregnancy Makes You Stupid

I just went to get our dinner (frozen breaded tilapia) out of the freezer and to preheat the oven. Nate came downstairs from doing homework and asked if I was ready to eat. I said yes and that I had preheated the oven. Or did I?


I went to the garage freezer, grabbed the frozen fish, checked the cook temp, put it in the inside freezer and then came out to watch TV all the while thinking I had started the oven.

I mean seriously.

This is not the first time I’ve been forgetful or the first time I’ve let the pregnancy cloud my judgement (Dr. Pepper and lays potato chips for a snack seem like such a good idea before I eat them. After I eat them? Not as much.)

I would love to list other examples about how my baby is eating my brain, but.. uh.. I can’t remember any off hand. Go figure.

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