AKA: More Fun with Training

After Layne’s most recent bouts with anxiety we decided that maybe it was time (once again) to look into dog training. She’s had a trainer before and while I think he was not a bad trainer, he was just not equipped to handle her anxiety.

So this time we went with a tainer (Bark Busters) recommended by our vet* that comes with a doggie lifetime guarantee. Basically a flat fee covers dog training for the life of the dog. Since Gouda is mostly fine we’re only doing it for Layne, but it’s pretty inexpensive to add a second dog should Gouda take a turn for the worse.

Anyways, the trainer came over at 9 yesterday and was with us until about noon for the first session. She explained their training philosophy and we spent some time practicing with Layne. Basically she explained to us why Layne feels that we are inadequate alphas and what we can do to reassert our roles as pack leaders. It’s pretty interesting as the training involves no treats or physical corrections, just basically posture, noises and repetition.

And when I say “noises” I mean we have to “growl” at her, which is where the “BAHHH” comes in. That’s kind of how the growl comes out and while we’ll feel pretty silly doing it, especially on walks, she actually responds pretty well to it, it’s kind of amazing. We’re really excited about this training and I think it will really work. If we could just get someone to come randomly knock our on door from time to time to practice not barking like crazy dogs then that would be great! I think we may have finally found an option that works!

*I recently discovered that my favorite vet from the office we go to has moved to another practice. Fortunately I was able to use Google to find where she’s practicing but it sounds like she’s going to be concentratin on pet dental. I’m going to call and see if she still sees regular patients or not. I hope so, otherwise I may look for another closer (and cheaper) vet.