Feeling Kind of Crappy

So today will be day three at the demo thingie I’ve been going to in RTP. It’s starting at 10 this morning instead of the regular 9 because the presenter is flying into town and got delayed or something. Plus it’s only supposed to be a half day so then I get to go into the actual office after, or at least I will if I don’t feel like complete shit by the time the demo thing is over.

Last night I started feeling kind of awful and had peanut butter toast for dinner and went to bed at 8:30. It sucked.

This morning I feel kind of bad, but not as awful and had a peanut butter bagel for breakfast. (Confession: I dropped half the bagel peanut butter side down on my way up the stairs this morning so I had to chuck it. It was very, very sad.)

So I’m still kind of hungry but I’m really not sure what to eat that could make me feel better, or at least not make me feel crappier.

I’m hoping to be recovered by tonight anyways because my mother-in-law is coming in for the night on her way to Maryland and I had planned on making pizza for dinner and I would seriously hate to miss out on pizza night!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Kind of Crappy

  1. Are you feeling baby-crappy or sick-from-something-else crappy? I ate a ton of peanut butter toast when I was pregnant! For some reason it was the only appealing thing a lot of days.


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