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On Monday I went out to dinner with some old friends at the Raleigh Times Bar. The food was so good and it was so fun! It was really nice seeing everyone one again and especially awesome that I got to try some of El’s cupcakes. Seriously delicious. Dotty totally dissed us, something about going out of town and getting in some quality time with Baby Dot before hand, but I can’t imagine what that’s all about. 😉

Yesterday was the dog’s first weekly trip to day camp to help wear them out for the week. They came home wet and happy! I’m glad they had a good time but I don’t understand why they will play in the baby pools at Pupsi but not in the baby pool I bought for them at home! Freaks!

Also this week Tues-Thurs (only half day on Thurs though) I’m going to a software demo off site from work and it’s from 9-5ish with breakfast starting at 8:30 which is yummy, but also totally throwing my week off with the weird hours!

And I would like to take my last few minutes at home this morning to give a shoutout to IE 8 which I downloaded and tried for a while because I actually liked IE 7, but apparently IE8 does not like me because Nate says he has no problems but my tabs crash all the time, even when I’m RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of writing blog posts which just goes to show why it’s better to write them from work and then email them to myself so I won’t want to throw my entire computer out the window when I lose half a post when technically there’s nothing wrong with my computer it’s just the buggy as shit piece of crap ass software IE 8. I hope they see all the error reports I send and its BLOWS THEIR MINDS!

I suspect it may be a google toolbar problem since that seems to be the difference between Nate’s computer and mine, but if that’s the case then IE 8 can suck it because I totally choose google toolbar of IE. (also, did you know you can’t install google toolbar on google’s browser? what the crap is that all about?!)

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