Perfect End to the Perfect Week

This past week was pretty much just crazy all around.

Starting on Sunday, we went to pick up nursery furniture that had come in at Babies ‘r’ Us. Since I’m not much of a lifter, we brought Ted and we took my pilot. When we got there the sales guy wheeled out the dresser and insisted there was no way the crib would fit in the car too. If the crib was the same size as the dresser we could defnitely see that happening, so they loaded the dresser in and then my pilot only seated two adults comfortabley. So I took one for the team and offered to hang out and shop around at the nearby stores (like Old Navy and Best Buy) while they went home to drop off the furniture. So they went home, dropped it off, came back up and loaded the crib into the car. The crib totally would have fit with the dresser. Yes, it would have been a tight squeeze and we still probably wouldn’t have been able to fit all three adults in the car, but it toally would have fit.

Anyways that part wasn’t the part that was a bummer. We got home and found that Layne had clawed and chewed on the door frame in the pet-room. Apparently she heard Nate and Ted come in to drop the dresser off and she was less than thrilled about not being let out. Plus Ted went upstairs to use the bathroom right next to her room and Ted is not known for his silence so I’m sure he was chatting away and poor Layne with the fragile mental health flipped her lid.

Fast forward to Wednesday. After two chew-free days we came home from work on Wednesday to find the door frame in even worse shape, add to that some clawing at the closet door frame and some chewing on the door knobs of not only the door out, but also to the two closet doors. Holy freaking cow! So of course we freaked out because our dog is freaking out and we fixed her “crate anxiety” by no longer keeping her in her crate, but we certainly can’t do the same thing for her new found “room amxiety” right?! We called the place where we board the dogs to get advice and they suggested a radio in the room so she coudln’t hear stuff going on outside and for Thurs and Fri so far things have gone well.

Work this week has also been pretty crazy. I try not to talk about work so I won’t go into the specifics but I feel like I spent the week jumping from project to project crossing my fingers that I didn’t forget anyone or anything and man I was SO GLAD to see Friday.

Fast forward to the perfect ending. Thursday morning I carpooled in to work with Nate and my parents and sister road over to where I work off Airport Blvd. I road with them to the airport to drop them off and then took my dad’s car back home with me Thursday. I didn’t want to drop it off at his house Thursday night because really I wanted to get home ASAP to make sure Layne wasn’t destroying the house. So Friday morning I drove his car back in to work and Friday afternoon I was taking it back to his house to meet Nate to drop it off and head home.

Driving down Chapel Hill Rd, just past Maynard, I got rear ended. The people in front of my slammed on their brakes because suddenly someone was turning left, so I slammed on my brakes and the woman behind me slammed on her brakes, only it was not soon enough. Fortunately no one was hurt, and damage was minimal. We called the police who came out and called it a “no report” since the damage didn’t meet the report requirements and that was that. Meanwhile I sent my parents like 500 texts and called a zillion times trying to get someone to answer the phone so I could let my dad know and make sure he wanted me to call the police since the damage was, fortunately, only to his spare tire cover on the back of the car. Her car didn’t even make it to the bumper. So after hanging out on the side of Chapel Hill Rd for 45 minutes or so I was finally headed home.

And let me just say MAN did it feel good to sleep in this morning!

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