Not a Food

Not a Food

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Recently I accidentally dropped a piece of a peach onto the floor while I was cutting it up for a snack. Layne was overjoyed that I let her eat it. That is, until she got it in her mouth. Once she had it in her mouth she scrunched her face up like that and tried hard to chew it (teeny tiny piece) before spitting it out. Then she tried again.

Repeat about 3 times until Gouda swooped in and grabbed the scrap. I’m pretty sure he ate it so fast he didn’t even taste it.

So of course I wanted photo evidence so a few days later I was cutting a piece, grabbed my camera and dropped it on the floor for Layne. She wanted so badly to like that peach because it was a potential food and it was on the floor. But in the end she once again concluded that it was not, in fact, a food. And Gouda promptly gobbled it up.

The best part is that afterwards she sat there staring at me, begging for food. Like this peach that I was still cutting was somehow different than that piece of peach I had dropped on the floor and look at that adorable face! She was totally sure she would like the next piece better than the first, but I didn’t give her a chance to find out.