Birds are Jerks

Birds are Jerks

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Otherwise Known As: I Wonder Who Has Been Eating All Of My Tomatoes Because It Sure Hasn’t Been Me!

Is it not enough that I have two hanging feeders that I refill every time they’re near empty, or that I have a little ground feeder with just sunflower seeds in them?! Or that I scrub the gunk from the bottom of the bird bath on a weekly basis. Is that not enough?!

I have seriously thrown away more tomatoes than I have brought inside because I keep finding chunks missing from them and it’s getting kind of irritating. I really enjoy having the birds around (otherwise I would not have set up the bird bath/feeder area with such pretty flowers for the pretty birdies) but SERIOUSLY BIRDS! Quit eating my damn tomatoes!

And I’m sure it must be the birds because I haven’t seen a single squirrel in the area since we moved in. I’m sure the construction drove them off and they’ll be back eventually but until then… THE BIRDS ARE NOTICE!

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  1. I am having the same problem with my tomatoes AND my peppers!! I suspect the birds have an accomplice though, because several bunches of green tomatoes have been BROKEN OFF of my plants. GRRRR.


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