Updated Closet

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This is the “after” picture for the closet in our nursery. It used to just have a single wire shelf in there, but we knew that was going to be completely useless so we redesigned!

We also recycled. This is the wood that was originally used in the master closet when we moved in. The master closet we paid to have “organized” and it helped a lot, but this closet was small enough that I was confident we could come up with a solution on our own.

Of course since it was recycled it had a lot of extra nail holes and things like that and by the time it was all over this shelving system was spackled within an inch of its life and if I never have to sand another patched spot again it will be too soon!

But we’re really happy with the way it came out and it went so well that we’re still planning on doing the pets’ closet. Fortunately we’re out of wood from the original closet so at least the closet in the pet bedroom will be much easier and probably faster to patch!