Carrabbas for Dinner

So on a whim tonight, Nate and I decided to go to Carrabbas for dinner. OK, so maybe what actually happened was that I planned on making stew for dinner having misread the recipe and thinking it would take two hours to cook when really it would have taken about four hours. Once I realized that I was too lazy to come up with a replacement meal so out we went!

Turns out tonight was Mix it Up night benefitting Muscular Dystrophy and for $15 we got a drink from the bar (for Nate) and several complimentary items from the bar menu. We had a mediterranean salad, some delicious hommemade cips and then two little chicken parmesan sandwiches. It was awesome. Of course then we were almost too full to order dinner! (But only almost, and now we have dinner for tomorrow too!)

So anyways I know we eat way early so maybe our good luck will benefit someone else! We saw a lot of people turning it down as they were walking in the door and I wanted to run up there and tell them how awesome the food was and how it’s so worth it for just $15!

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