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One of my very awesome coworkers brought me these flowers at work today. Her husband starts them out in a little green house and then plants them in the yard when the season/weather is right. We drove over to her house once to pick something up on the way to a group lunch last year and the flowers in her yard were just beautiful! She said they always grow more than they have space to plan in the yard so if I’m interested they’d be happy to give me a few to plant at home. I’m definitely interested!

My poor zinnias at home are practically dead. I don’t know if they have a short/certain lifespan or what I may have done to kill them. They got big and nice and full and then they started dying one by one and I’m left with only two flowers.

Also, my hibiscus is already protesting my ownership if it. After just a few days the leaves have started turning yellow and falling off. I read online that it’s a warning and could mean one of several things like not enough water, or too much water, or not enough light, or too much direct light. Seriously, that’s so helpful. So I watered it because it was really dry and I scooted it over a few feet where it would get better sun and then I added some fertilizer and we’ll see how it goes. At this point I’m thinking it was probably not meant to be and I just learned a $12 lesson.

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  1. rachel

    if the leaves are turning yellow and falling off from the bottom up, that usually means it needs fertilizer, for an exotic plant like hibiscus. It also definitely needs full sun!

    Zinnias have a set (and rather short) blooming time. If you cut the flowers you actually extend their bloom period. They’re also super easy to grow from seed, you can just sow them directly in the garden, but they won’t bloom as early as your friends. They also tend to reseed, so you might get some next year whether you plant them or not!

    I also really like cosmos, they look nice with zinnias and are similarly easy to grow/volunteer themselves.


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