I Adopted a new Plant

I bought a hibiscus at Lowes the other day. I went to get tray liners for my paint tray and I decided to go in through the garden center and they were ON SALE! For $12! I swear I saw them just a couple of weeks ago at Home Depot for $25 or something so I got one.

I potted it yesterday but I’m not entirely convinced that it shouldn’t be in a bigger pot. I may repot it in the fall before I bring it into the house when it starts to get cooler.

I have to say I was pretty excited about my purchase until I told my mom about it and she was all like “well good luck with that!” because she got one last year and it died on her porch before she even had to bring it inside. Generally speaking she’s better at plants than I am, so I’m a little worried. I like my plants to be self sustaining and stuff, without having to be pampered and watched closely and monitored. Sometimes, I forget to water them for a few days in a row and they get all wilty and sad and if they can’t come back from that then maybe they shouldn’t be living at my house.

I got REALLY lucky that after all the plants I bought last year I think only two of them didn’t come back in the spring after I neglected them pretty much all of the fall thinking they would take care of themselves (they looked like sticks all winter). I’m trying to do better at it this year, but I very nearly killed my new hydrangea within the first week of having it because after it was planted I didn’t water it for about a week and it got saggy and crunchy and some of the leaves turned brown and crispy and I was mentally kicking myself for flushing $20 down the tube like that, but fortunately after a good watering it came back and I’ve managed to keep on it enough that it still looks alive. Still crunchy in some spots, but hanging in there!

Fortunately my pets are treated much better than my plants, because if my plants were any indication of my ability to keep things alive the hospital would probably never allow me to take a baby home!

Also in a completely random tangent, speaking of babies, sort of, I had my first visit with a new doctor yesterday and so I asked her how much weight I should gain and how much I should have gained so far and for “so far” she said “none” at which point I started laughing because “none” is so not what I was going for! So I told her I’d put on 5-7lbs so far and she don’t me not to sweat it just don’t get carried away with the whole “eating for two” concept, which fortunately I haven’t. Yet. But anyways, here I thought I was getting a “baby bump” when it turns out I’m getting a “fruit bump” or something like that. Oh well!

2 thoughts on “I Adopted a new Plant

  1. I so wish I could grow plants. My grandfather was a fabulous gardener. One of my aunts passed away before he did, and my uncle (her hubby) was given an African violet in her memmory. He never paid any attention to it, and eventually gave it to my grandparents. It was practically dead…a stick in a pot. After my grandfather started taking care of it, the plant has seen new life, has been repotted on several occasions, and is blooming out of control. Me…I just wear a black hood and carry a scythe.


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