I Blame the Baby

Is that wrong?

Nate will sometimes ask me if I’m hungry/ready to eat whichever meal is approaching and it makes me laugh. Because PLEASE! Of course I’m hungry. Probably I could have eaten an hour ago but I tried to snack on something (usually fruit related) instead to hold me over until a more socially acceptable time to eat.

My strange food aversions make this sort of hard sometimes. Like I’m trying to snack on fruit, and I love grapes, but sometimes the thought of chewing a squishy squashy grape that sort of explodes when you bite it just does NOT sit well and I can’t do it. Fortunately I have recently discovered that peaches have a decent texture and I can usually tolerate them. Then of course there are apples. I also love apples, but I hate biting into apples. I wonder how work would feel about me bringing a knife in to the office so I can cut an apple up for a snack. I’m afraid of I cut it at home it will turn that weird brownish color and not look right and then I won’t be able to eat it because it looks funny. I am so not kidding.

Also? I had to buy new pants over the weekend. I’ve been trying to get by on that rubber band trick that Dotty used, but that only works on pants with buttons and unfortunately most of my work pants use hooks. So I bought two new pairs of pants, and since I’m too big for my own pants but too small for maternity pants I just bought regular pants a few sizes too big and hope they will last me at least until I can fit into actual maternity clothes.

And lastly I slept better last night and I slept on one side or the other for most of the night except that I kept waking up and wantint to turn onto my back so I would roll completely over onto the other side. I think I will go get one of those body pillows you guys recommended. Hopefully if I’m wrapped around something like that it will help!

2 thoughts on “I Blame the Baby

  1. rachel

    you can probably cut an apple with a table knife (certainly with a steak knife!)

    I am not looking forward to being hungry all the time, food aversions if/when I ever get pregnant!


  2. Two suggestions for the apple: Either cut it at home and put a little bit of lemon juice on the slices to keep them from turning brown, or get an apple slicer (like this) and keep it at work. Much less threatening than a knife, and easier too! 🙂


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