So a few years ago I read an article online that talked about wrinkles and how if you sleep on your side you wound up squishing wrinkles into your face from sleeping on it. So I taught myself to sleep on my back.

Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been trying to sleep on my side since eventually it’s going to be bad for me to sleep on my back, but I have to say it is not really going well. I just don’t sleep well on my side. Even if I manage to fall asleep on my side initially I usually wake up on my back, although most nights I have to start out on my back and try to switch to my side after I wake up the first time (because there are usually several times).

So help me out, people! How the crap do I change my sleeping habits?! I know I shouldn’t relent and I should lay on my side until I fall asleep but I HATE doing that and frankly when I weigh laying awake for a half hour or getting that extra half hour of sleep and just sleep on my back.

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  1. You’ll eventually just have to sleep on your back because you won’t be able to breathe with the baby pressing on you! I am also a back sleeper. When I was pregnant, I would go to sleep on my side (forcing myself) and often wake up on my back during the night. It is just super uncomfortable and hurts your back, so you’ll wake up. You also aren’t supposed to sleep on your back when you’re pregnant anyway because of some major vein.


  2. keep in mind I’ve never been pregnant myself but based on what I’ve heard by the time your belly is big enough to harm you from sleeping on your back you won’t be sleeping much anyway. Isn’t that a cheerful thought!?!


  3. rachel

    I’m a side sleeper, but I have a hard time sleeping if I don’t have a body pillow or something to wrap myself around. I’m a lot more comfortable if I have a pillow between my knees (keeping my hips aligned, or something) and something to hug against my chest (sometimes a pillow, sometimes a teddy bear 🙂


  4. Traci

    I agree with Rachel. If you haven’t tried the body pillow that may be your best route. For down the road, I have friends that swear by pregnancy pillows (there are a gazillion types). Look on the bright side…at least you’re not a stomach sleeper. 🙂


  5. Mom

    Try “The Tennis Ball Technique” which is used to help snorers. Sew a pocket into the back of your pajamas or a t-shirt. Place a tennis ball in the pocket. You’ll wake up every time you try to roll over on your back, which will help discourage you from sleeping in that position! Plus, waking up throughout the night will prepare you for Baby Fuzzy’s arrival!


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