Dear Richard Tang in Hong Kong,

Thank you for your consideration but I am most definitely not interested in participating in a “Fourty Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars” business project with you. Seriously. I had hoped that the part where I completely ignored your first email would have served as an obvious sign of my disinterest, but apparently it only encouraged you to try harder. The two additional emails you sent today did not, in fact, inspire me to contact you via your private email address. Although I have to admit I’m quite surprised that your “private email address” was actually the same in all of your requests. I’m also quite happy about that fact because that will just make any future emails from you easier to identify for my spam filter. 

Once again, I appreciate that out of a zillion possible targets you chose me to try to scam. Really, I’m flattered and just so bummed that I will not be able to assist you in turning Hong Kong into the new Nigeria.


Erin (aka: It Seriously Upsets Me that People Actually Fall for these Bullshit Emails?)