Dog Poop

Just so I can set this up visually, Nate and I live next to a big open field and there are three houses across from the open field. The middle house was recently for sale.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a lady with her dog on the sidewalk getting into a car parked on the street across from the house for sale. We thought it was a little weird that she got in her car and left, but whatever.

After a couple of weeks we’ve decided that god only knows where she lives, but she drives to our neighborhood, parks on the street, then walks her dog in the open field and then leaves.


I mean you drive to someone else’s neighborhood to walk your dog in a big field just so you don’t have to pick up poop?

A field that, by the way, the kids that live across the street play in.

It just strikes me as weird and kind of annoying.

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