Other People’s Food

So I have this friend who every time we have a cookout makes either crab dip or corn dip or some other sort of dip. The food is delicious so that’s not the problem. The problem is that instead of making it at home and bringing it over here to cook, he brings a bag of stuff over to make it here.

Then he puts the stuff in the fridge and forgets to take it home. Because of this I have two relatively large and barely opened containers of miracle whip, two containers of worcestershire sauce, two containers of cocktail sauce and countless containers of barely used random hot sauces.

So tonight when he comes over before/after the soccer game I intend to make him take some of it home!

And also maybe I’ll suggest that he maybe start putting it together at home first. I mean I’m sure he hates to buy the same things over and over because he can’t figure out where that huge jar of miracle whip he bought last time went.

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