So we ordered a newer bigger fridge from Sears last weekend and today I went online to fill out the rebate form that was supposed to cover the delivery fee. Now, it’s not that it didn’t cover the delivery fee, but instead of sending a check they’re sending a prepaid Visa Credit Card.

WTF is up with that?!

When Nate and I got new cellphones at Alltel earlier this year they had the same thing. Rebate! Yay! But instead of cash it was another credit card. I have to admit I can’t quite figure this out. I mean what’s the point? Are they taking a chance that people won’t use the full balance? That they won’t use it fast enough so they’ll acrue fees and lose money in the end? Or maybe instead of spending it on things they’d spend their cash on, they’ll splurge and buy something unneccessary?

Seriously, how irritating. I mean I plan on taking it to the grocery so it’s sort of like cash I would have otherwise taken out of my checking account but I think the whole thing is pretty sketchy and I totally do not approve.

One thought on “Rebates

  1. Bagel Dave

    I bought new tires a couple years ago and they had a $100 “rebate” that was the same type of deal. A prepaid credit card. I went out and spent it pretty quick (don’t remember what I got, it wasn’t something frivolous actually) because I’ve heard that some of those cards will charge you fees after a while if they aren’t spent. Plus what if you lose the dumb thing? Then you’ve just lost your fake money.


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