Let’s Talk About Food

Let me just tell you about eating recently, because the frequency of it shocked even me for a while there

For a couple of weeks my days went something like this:

For breakfast (before work, around 6:30am) I had a bowl of cereal and a glass of OJ. Around 8:45 I had a hard boiled egg. Around 10:00 I had some cantaloupe, at 11 I had a granola bar, 11:30 I had some chips, 12:15 I had a sandwich and some chips and I was fine until around 2 when I had some animal crackers. At 4:30 when I got home from work I had a 100 calorie Reese’s snack pack (or something like that) and then for dinner around 6-6:30 I had dinner, followed by a granola bar later in the evening between 8 and 9.

Previously, on a normal day I would have cereal and OJ for breakfast, a snack around 10-10:30ish, lunch around 12:30 and then nothing again until dinner. It blows my mind.

After the initial rush I seem to be back to a more regular eating schedule where I still have maybe two snacks in the morning now before breakfast instead of just one, and usually there is a snack in between lunch and dinner I am no longer starving 90% of my day which is really so much nicer.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Food

  1. See, I wasn’t kidding when I used to call Ava my parasite fetus. Sometimes it feels like they’re sucking all the nutrients out of you and making you starve!


  2. rachel

    I am really enjoying the play by play of the pregnancy symptoms, it cracks me up. I’m glad they don’t seem too bad! (at least not yet! 🙂


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