Sort of.

We decided to move the guest room furniture to one of the upstairs spare bedrooms so we can put the nursery in the downstairs spare bedroom (master bedroom is downstairs too). Funny how now that those midnight wakeup calls are so clearly in my future, the thought of trekking up and down the stairs a zillion times a day doesn’t seem so fun any more. Imagine that.

So while the room (that we used to call “the future nursery”) was empty we went ahead and painted it. Nate was nice enough to let me pick the color. I try to pick nice neutral colors for most areas of the house where we have to spend a lot of time, but in this guest room I was really excited to go for something bright and fun! I had the color matched at Lowes from one of the stripes on the bed set and I think the match turned out AWESOME!

Nate thinks the paint looks good but I have a sneaking suspicion he’s talking more about the good job we did painting than he is about the awesome job I did picking out the color, which really is fine with me.

It also really reminded us that that whole painting thing really is not as hard and awful as we remembered it being. We’ve decided definitely we’re paying someone to paint the master bedroom and we had planned on having them paint the nursery too, but ‘eh. We can totally do that now. The nursery, not the master bedroom. The master bedroom has vaulted ceilings that are about two stories high at the point and there is no way we’re scooting around with ladders trying to paint that crap.

So really I expect our home improvement projects to be ramping up here in the future trying to squeeze stuff in before we no longer have the free time for it!

3 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Our master bedroom has high vaulted ceilings like that too. We painted it ourselves, but boy was it a pain! The new guest bedroom looks great 🙂


  2. Meg

    You better let me know when your ready.. and get Tracey and Domingo’s number.. they are the bomb painters :o)


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