Because Four Pregnancy Tests Can’t Be Wrong, Right?

So holy crap, people! We’re having a baby!

And yes, I really did pee on 4 sticks, because what if the other three were lying? It could happen. Actually if you want to get all technical (and if you don’t, umm, sorry about this) I peed on two the first day, one first thing on the second day, and then the fourth one a few days later just because it still didn’t seem real. It’s not even that this was a surprise pregnancy or anything, but still somehow when I took that test I felt surprised that it came back positive. My period was only a few days late and I really felt like it could be coming any day now. Which is sort of why I took that fourth test, because for the first couple of weeks of knowing I was pregnant my body still felt like ANY DAY NOW.

Anyways, we are super excited and it’s really hard to pace yourself because now we just want to go out and buy baby things. Lost of baby things, but with 7 months to go we’re trying to pace ourself.

It’s only been a week since my 8 week appointment, but it feels like longer. I haven’t told anyone at work I’m pregnant and I think there’s a 99.9% chance that no one at this work place reads my blog so I think I’m safe making the general announcement. And on the off chance that someone from work does read this then there’s a pretty good chance they have the good sense to keep their lips zipped!

Also I’m totally blaming my last few weeks of virtual silence on the fact that it’s REALLY hard to not talk about the one thing that’s occupying your mind like 110% of the time.

9 thoughts on “Because Four Pregnancy Tests Can’t Be Wrong, Right?

  1. Bagel Dave

    Holy crap is right! That is so awesome, Erin! Congratulations!!! I can’t wait for more updates and to get to see the little critter grow. 🙂


  2. Ahhhh! Congratulations!!! I saw the picture come up in my Flickr feed first, thinking it was someone else. This is very exciting! It’s so surreal, isn’t it? I didn’t believe I was pregnant at first either.


  3. Traci

    OY!!!! Holy flippin’ cow I just about fell out of my chair! Congratulations a million times over. Oh, and this is a totally good reason for being quiet. I’m so happy for you and Nate I just can’t stop smiling!!


  4. kimmykins13

    Oh WOW!!!! I’m so excited and Happy for you. Congratulations!!! You never let on once that ya’ll were even trying! 🙂


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