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Since Nate and I bought our first house together I’ve slowly been getting more and more into gardening. This is my collection of potted plants along with some trailing gardenias.

Last fall at the farmer’s market I picked up some 1 gallon trailing gardenias to put around the patio. Unfortunately, these are not those plants. After having the deck screened in only one of the original three remained and it was relocated to the side of the house where there is almost real dirt (as opposed to the clay) and where it actually bloomed for the first time. I’m pretty sure that the move to the side yard saved it.

In their place I went and got 3 larger trailing gardenias from Lowes. I would have gotten them at the Farmer’s market, but all they ever have are the one gallon and since they were SO TINY and it didn’t work out so well for me last time I went ahead and got them. They’ve finally started blooming and I love them!

Last weekend I went to the farmer’s market to buy veggies and came home with a new red flower (I can’t remember what it’s called) to go under my bird bath, and a new hydrangea to go on the side of the house. I just couldn’t resist!

I’ll admit I’m a little worried about the plants in my flower bed by my veggies. I think the clay has caused some of them to drown. I had 2 plants that did not come back from last year and one that thriving this year suddenly shrivel up and die after a few days of downpour last month, so now I’m kind of freaked out about the rest of my plants in that bed and about all of the future plants I have already planned. I’ve picked up some soil conditioner at the store that I plan on trying to mix in this weekend, but do you guys have any suggestions? I’ve got several plants back there that I really don’t want to lose!

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  1. my advice? don’t listen to me. if it can die, I can kill it. lucky plastic flowers….though we do have 8 beefsteak tomatoes in our Topsy Turvy. but they’re not ready yet…there’s still time for me to do some damage!


  2. I wish I could help! My container garden is showing signs of drowning this year too. Last year it was so parched I was watering twice a day. This year? The rain just keeps on coming! A couple of my strawberries went moldy still on the plant!


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