Lego Star Wars

Before the beach trip we picked up Lego Star Wars for the Wii so we would have a new game to play on the trip.

So since it didn’t actually rain on the trip we didn’t actually get around to hooking the Wii up so finally yesterday I decided to check it out. So far I’ve passed the first two rounds and I really need to work on not accidentally stabbing my droids with my lightsaber because you can totally cut their limbs off without even meaning too. Lesson learned. A few times.

Also I think I need to work on my fighting strategy which currently involves mashing a lot of buttons and jumping a lot because I keep hitting the wrong buttons and doing things like getting my lightsaber out instead of jumping, and then accidentally switching characters in the middle of a fight and not realizing which person I am… Really.. I think I may start over since I’m finally sort of starting to get a handle on things.

Otherwise I think it’s pretty fun and very cute. I mean, they’re Legos! And it’s Star Wars! How do you beat that?! (I’ve also sort of been looking at the Lego Indiana Jones if I ever actually get halfway decent at Lego Star Wars).

So does anyone have any other fun Wii games? The last video game I really played (besides the little Wii sports and stuff) was Final Fantasy VIII on Play Station and it was one of about 3 games I had  because I don’t know how to tell if a game will suck or not and I don’t want to spend $50 on a game if there’s any suck potential.

4 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars

  1. We love Lego Star Wars!!! We are working through Lego Indiana Jones right now, and it is also very fun. Lego Batman is kind of “meh”

    Our other favorite game is Mario Kart, and i really want Super Mario Galaxy


  2. I played through Lego Indiana Jones. It was super fun! Our other favorite games for Wii are Mario Kart and Rayman Raving Rabids (the first one). Oh, and I played through Super Paper Mario too – it was fun, but kinda hard at times too!


  3. I like the Rayman’s Raving Rabbids games and I also really like Boom Blox and Mario Kart. And Lego Star Wars…I have it for my PS2…how awesome is it that Chewie can pop the arms off of Storm Troopers!


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