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On Sunday Nate and I went to see Angels and Demons. (Holy cow it was long, but I enjoyed it and didn’t notice it dragging or anything, I was just shocked to see what time it was when I was leaving the theater). So of course I had to pee as soon as the movie was over and really that trip to the restroom just really reminded me how much I hate using public restrooms. Hate. People are so freaking inconsiderate it just blows my mind.

For instance:

  1. If you put toilet paper (or one of those paper butt protector things) on the toilet seat (good for you, I totally do it too) make sure when you flush that it goes down the drain with everything else. Seriously. You didn’t want to touch a spot that someone else’s butt was, and no one else wants to touch the spot where your butt was, it cannot take that much time to double check something like that.
  2. Sinks are not toys. How people get SO MUCH WATER outside of the sink is beyond me. I was washing my hands and felt water start dripping on my toes because there was so much water on the counter it had finally reached the edge and was now starting to rush over.
  3. Automatic sinks or those sinks where you push the hot/cold buttons and the water runs for about 2 seconds. I think that one is pretty much self explanatory.
  4. Automatic hand dryer. I walked past it and it turned on, but I just know that had I actually tried to dry my hands under it, it would have turned right back off.
  5. Paper towel holders that are SO FULL you wind up tearing 3 paper towels to shreds before you can pull out one to actually use.  

Seriously this stuff seems like it should really just be common sense, but somehow it’s not and I just can’t quite get over it.

4 thoughts on “Public Restrooms

  1. I have noticed the bathrooms at movie theaters are notoriously disgusting. It’s a combination of really inconsiderate, gross people and the large volume of people using them. If they act like that out in public, I’d hate to see their houses!


  2. Not only do they get water all of the counter, but for us shorter people (with shorter arms), there’s an increased chance of walking out of that nasty bathroom with a wet shirt because inconsiderate jackholes make such a mess


  3. kimmykins13

    I haven’t seen Angels and Demons yet but it sounds like Benjamin Button. That was one long ass movie!!

    There is nothing I hate more than a public toilet and I absolutely REFUSE to use a port o potty (I’d go behind the bushes before I would even consider going in one of those **UGH**). I have been known to hold it until I get home just to avoid using a public restroom. I can’t even stand to wash my hands in one. No matter what, I still feel dirty and 95% of the time they stink to high heaven. I have to use the one at work but I try to limit it to once a day. Luckily it’s a Class A Building and the Janitor cleans it 2-3 times a day but I still don’t like it much.


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