Beach Countdown – Back Home Edition


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(AKA: Holy Cow I am NOT in the Mood to Work Edition)

So I definitely planned on writing little countdown emails all the way to day 0 in which we loaded up the cars and left for the beach. Unfortunately the father of one of my friends who was going to come on the trip with us had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital. He’s showing signs of improvement now, but still has a long way to go. I just couldn’t scrape together enough whimsy to keep going with my countdown.

That being said the trip was pretty great. The weather was mostly nice, went to the beach, played at the pool, I even actually got a tan! The trip was from Saturday to Saturday so we got home around noon on Saturday and picked the dogs up Saturday evening. Gouda was pretty much soaked from playing in the baby pools at Pupsi, so at least we know they were having as good a time as we were!

We stayed in Duck on the sound side just a short drive from the beach. Most mornings we drove over to the beach and then spent the afternoon at the pool. We played corn hole and badminton (where I was eaten alive by bugs), watched movies and sang karaoke. Or some of us sang. I’m not sure you could really call what Nate and Ted were doing singing…

We really lucked out with the weather considering there was a chance of rain every day we were there. On Sunday we got to the beach just in time to set our stuff out right before it started pouring, and then like 15 minutes after we got home the sun was out and we were able to go out at the pool. I think on Wednesday it rained the most so we couldn’t go out much which was fine with me because I had minor sun rash on my stomach and needed to give it time to heal.

Nate’s brother’s family was there so there were two little girls, ages 14 months and almost 3 years (34 months). Who knew two such small beings could bring such big noise! Lucky for them they’re also completely adorable and very sweet.

Anyways, I’ve posted a zillion pictures on Flickr,and when I say “zillion” I really feel like I’m not exaggerating at all.

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  1. kimmykins13

    I figured you were going to Duck again when I saw your beach countdown. Going home to see the folks this weekend and were going to Blue Point for dinner **YAY**!! I love Duck!


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