Beach Countdown – 3 Days (Papaw Edition)

For Christmas in 2005 my parents gave my grandfather (Papaw) a digital camera.

Since my digital camera has recently gone a little crazy (the color seems off in addition to the viewfinder FREAKING OUT sometimes and producing really weird pictures) and since Grandma doesn’t use the camera at all since Papaw passed, my mom gave the camera to me. It’s a nice little Canon and yesterday when my parents came over for dinner I turned in on before they left, and there were still pictures on it! It turns out that while he downloaded the pictures he never erased them from the memory card.

So we scrolled through his pictures last night and I downloaded them all onto my hard drive. It was cute looking back to see the things he thought were worth taking pictures of. His new car and the new calendar that came with the new car. His new plasma TV, and a new piece of furniture for the living room. Plus about zillion pictures of his cats starting when they were cute little kittens! (I’m pretty sure I already had most of those cat pictures though because he used to send them to us on a regular basis). In my family, we treat our cats like the spoiled mini-gods they think they are!

So my new little camera is really cute, very nice and compact and I’m glad to have one back because I would like to take pictures of my awesome new plants. And of my adorable pets, not to mention all the pictures I’ll be taking at the beach next week! WOOHOO BEACH TRIP!

One thought on “Beach Countdown – 3 Days (Papaw Edition)

  1. what an awesome treat that you got to see all of those pictures – heck and keep them! I think I almost feel jealous. Last weekend when I was up in MA packing up all of my grandmother’s stuff there was a lot of talk of “remember when” but I didn’t really leave with anything tangible to associate with some of those stories.


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