Beach Countdown – 5 Days (Monday Edition)

Today was definitely a Monday.

It started off with me remembering a REALLY weird dream I had last night. A dream where I was flossing my teeth just like any other night, only it wasn’t night it was morning, and while I was flossing my molars one fell out. EWW! It fell out with a little pressure from dental floss. So of course I freaked out and I know you’re supposed to put the tooth in milk or something and go to the dentist right away so I put the tooth in soy milk because we don’t have actual milk (seriously, we don’t, but that’s a whole different story). And then off to the dentist I went with my tooth in soy milk wondering if they could reattach it.

Then somehow my shower this morning took a full 5 minutes longer than usual. I’m not really sure how this happens, but sometimes it does. It’s like I lost time somewhere in between getting into the shower and getting out. Like shampooing my hair suddenly takes a full extra 5 minutes, or maybe I spent that 5 minutes in a daze rinsing the shampoo out of my hair even though it was already rinsed I was just too tired to notice? Who knows?

Of course I also couldn’t find a single thing to wear to work. Seriously. In a closet full of clothes I could find nothing. I changed shirts like 3 times and the only reason I didn’t keep going was because I didn’t really want to be late to work. Fortunately by then I had sort of caught on to what was going n and I had sense enough to realize that at that point it didn’t really matter what I wore. I was going to hate it no matter what so I may as well get out the door and be on time to work.

Then on the way to work I turned a corner only to get stuck behind a school bus. An empty school bus with it’s flashers on. When I say “empty” I don’t just mean no kids, I mean no driver either. Completely empty parked on the side of the road with NO ROOM to go around it. Fortunately it was near a stoplight and the light was red so a VERY nice person coming the other direction left a big enough gap for those of us stuck behind the EMPTY BUS could get around. Otherwise god only knows how long I would have sat there.

Next there was my coffee. Because it is a Monday and I seem to be in a complete daze today I went to add a little extra sugar to my coffee and instead I poured in the powered creamer. It turned out so gross I couldn’t drink it.

So by then it was about 7:30 and I was already counting down til bedtime. So I could go to sleep and get on Tuesday and try again.

I just have to keep telling myself, next Monday I’ll be at the beach and it will all be OK.

2 thoughts on “Beach Countdown – 5 Days (Monday Edition)

  1. No actual milk? I would die! I loves me some milk…man, I think I want a glass now just thinking about it. Now there are people that simply don’t like milk…that’s something I just don’t understand! Mmmm milk. Now for people that can’t have milk (say, lactose intolerant), that’s gotta suck. Milk is so delicious!


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