So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I’m sort of a freak about my yard. It would not be at all strange to find me spending the first 5 minutes after I get home crouched next to the curb pulling weeds. In my work clothes. Because I went to check the mail and I couldn’t stand the freaking weeds that I cannot seem to get rid of. So we re-hired Scotts LawnService and I’m going to let them get rid of the weeds because obviously my methods are just not working. Whatever.

Anyways, that leads me to my shrubbery. Last fall I bought 8 1gallon gardenias from the Farmer’s Market. Two of the three planted out front have pretty much croacked, and two of the five planted out back were mangled by the deck builders. One of the ones in the back I replaced with my veggie container garden and the other one sits all alone. All by itself. It’s actually quite sad. We have a similar situation with the one in the front sitting all alone. So I bought new ones. Three for the front and three for the back, this time they were three gallon too, so they won’t be so weenie. Of course what with these new ones being bigger the old ones would look out of place so the two lonely plants from the front and the back are going to be relocated to the side yard.

Which means I have to prep a new area on the side to be a flower bed instead of grass, and then I have to dig eight holes total.

I’m telling you, it seemed like an AWESOME idea when I was at Lowes and the flowers smelled SO GOOD and six new plants did not seem like a big deal, what with all of the planting success I’ve had recently planting smaller flowery guys around my bird bath. The actual digging part? Not so fun. I managed to move two plants and plant three new ones in addition to spreading pinebark. When I finished with the front and side yard beds I couldn’t bring myself to do the three new plants in the back. I would say there is always tomorrow, but tomorrow I’m going to see the Star Trek movie! YAY!

And now I have to go collapse on the sofa.

One thought on “Foliage

  1. I feel your pain! We planted 6 new bushes in our front yard and laid down mulch a few weeks ago. I had awful blisters by the time I was done! But it looks nice. Crossing my fingers they don’t all die on me!


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