A Storm is Brewing


Which means that the local news will be airing the weather map and updating us constantly until the storm has passed. I hope no one was interested in the actual news around here!

Oh! Update! We’re under a tornado warning! Hopefully the rain will pass by the time we go to bed so the dogs won’t refuse to leave the porch.

So anyways, that’s all the excitement I can muster for right now. I think I need a nap.

And also? My work has blocked access to Twitter which makes me really sad. I mean obviously I’m not spending all day on there or anything, but really is it so awful to be able to pop up every once in a while just to see what’s going on with my tweeps?!

One thought on “A Storm is Brewing

  1. kimmykins13

    Dude – we’ve had Thunderstorms and Tornado watches and warnings all week in VB. I’m over it. It has rained – NO poured, every night and blown my deck furniture over so that I have to pick it up every a.m. It only lasts for 45 to an hour but I’ve had enough.

    Oh, and the work thing with Twitter… I totally understand where your coming from. They haven’t blocked our Twitter or our Facebook yet but they have blocked myspace so I can’t check in there anymore until I get home. WHATEVER…. I’m sure FB and Twitter will be next.


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