Container Veggie Garden

Container Veggie Garden

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So here is my container garden. Last year I had some success with jalapenos and green peppers and if I hadn’t planted 4 tomato plants in that one green container I’m pretty sure the tomatoes would have been a success too, so this year I went all out.

I have lettuce, broccoli, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, and not in this area I have strawberries too. We’ve already had two strawberries that were ready and they were delicious! I’m pretty exited and I hope everything survives. It looks like something is eating some of the leaves on my green pepper plant, but so far the green pepper plant is the only one so I can’t quite figure that out.

Anyways, it may seem a little weird having them in the pots in the garden area since I obviously have space for them, why not just plant them in the garden? And I really did think about it, and then I had visions of my dogs trampling and peeing on stuff I intend to eat and I decided that pots were the safer option. Fortunately I also have two rain barrels because that crap needs a LOT of water!

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  1. dotty

    This is awesome! I really want to try lettuce and starwberries next year. I should porobably start small and try herbs first.


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