DDR + Margarita’s = Teh Winz

I just kicked Ted’s ass on the DDR. Three rematches later it was an ass whoopin.

And that included us playing the first two rounds on the WRONG MATS. That’s right, we didn’t bother to check which was Player 1 and Player 2 before we started playin, we just started playing. Obviously smart is not our strong suite.

We played one game on difficult and it seriously cut out on us in the middle of the round we were doing SO BAD. Awesome.

Nate and I had a small Kentucky Derby party. I made pizza, we played corn hole and watched the race. I was glad to see this year was Derby Drama free. (Aka: No one got euthanized on the field after the race).

I  hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m really looking forward to a quiet/lazy Sunday.

I’m trying to hit up the library tomorrow too I think, can anyone recommend a good book? I’ve finally worked my way through all of the Charlaine Harris books. I think I’ll pick up Son of a Witch, but don’t know what to read next.