Moving is Hard

Fortunately, I’m not the one doing it!

My grandma just moved up from South Carolina and yesterday I took a half day off work to go help unpack her stuff.

My grandma has a LOT of stuff. Holy crap, people! It was a long day, but we really got a lot done, and found some fun stuff along the way. Like the little notebook where my grandfather kept track of his exercise times. I didn’t look too closely at it, but I think it started in ’76 or something like that. And I also found the CUTEST apron that my mom said someone probably made in home ec. I took it home with me, hopefully grandma won’t notice mind.

And also moving? My sister! I think it’s this weekend or next but I can’t remember. Good timing for her too because she can use my grandma’s empty boxes.


One thought on “Moving is Hard

  1. kimmy

    We’re moving my grandmother next month. Well I say we, but I won’t be around to do anything, but I dread it for my family that will be there. She’s leaving a house she’s lived in for 59 years…I can’t imagine all the stuff that’s she’s accumulated over the years!!


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