My TV Addiction

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s totally worth mentioning it again. This year was a bad year for TV shows I watch. So far Pushing Daisies, Life on Mars, Dirty Sexy Money and Prison Break have been cancelled (although honestly we gave up Prison Break this season anyways, we can only take so much). It also looks like the Middleman on ABC Family isn’t coming back and that makes me extra sad.

We also gave up on My Name is Earl and I’ve almost given up on Bones like 5 times this year, because I keep letting them stack up on my DVR and think I’ll never catch up and maybe I don’t even care, and then I watch one and it’s such a cute show I keep it around.

Then of course Chuck has me nervous because it hasn’t picked up yet and freaking Jay Leno is getting 5 hours of TV a week that used to be occupied by actual scripted TV shows so NBC is losing 5 slots a week and Chuck has not been renewed yet and I will be SO disappointed if it doesn’t make it.

ANYWAYS! In the mean time I’ve picked up two additional shows trying them out to see if they can fill the void. I’ve watched Castle  and Southland. Southland I really enjoyed and I hope it will stick around. Castle I kind of keep hoping gets cancelled because I like Nathan Fillion and he’s funny in the show. I mean, I enjoy the show, it’s really just not that great of a show. I read today it is probably not going to make it and I’m actually kind of relieved.

Also, I’ve been considering watching Better Off Ted because it looks hilarious, but TV By the Numbers isn’t holding out much hope for it coming back either (and so far they’ve been dead on with their predictions) so I kind of don’t want to see it because I don’t need to get attached to another great show only to have it disappear after one (or one half) season.

So aside from the fact that all of this means I watch entirely too much TV, do you guys have any new shows you’re watching that are actually good so far and likely to be renewed?

3 thoughts on “My TV Addiction

  1. I am so traumatized by the cancelation of Pushing Daisies I don’t even like to watch new shows anymore. Better off Ted is funny though, and so is Parks and Recreation.


  2. We’ve been watching Castle too, which is kinda meh. And Dollhouse, which rumor has it won’t be getting renewed. So to answers your question, no, not really 🙂


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