Further Proof My Brain is Melting

So I had two emails this morning that asked me where I wound up finding my key. I was like “ha, can’t you people read?!” and then I went back and re-read what I wrote and I thought “wow, I really am a moron” because I never actually said where I found it. I more implied that it just sort of magically appeared back in my pocket, which is definitely not what happened.

What happened was in the middle of my moderate panic while I was tossing things around on my desk the key fell out of a notebook I carry around to meetings. It had somehow wound up wedged between some of the pages so when I just picked it up to check under it I didn’t see it. Not until I was flinging papers around like a crazy person did it fallout. Whoops! Lesson (sort of) learned!

So tonight I may actually go to the 9:30 soccer game. I’ve sort of been waffling about whether to go or not because the game is at 9:30 and if I didn’t go I could do something super fun at home. Like sleep.

Which reminds me. This morning I woke up at 4am because Layne was digging (for lack of a better word) on her bed. I think she was trying to make it more comfortable and fluff it up some, but it sounded like she was trying to dig a hole though the floor.

When I went back to sleep I had a dream that Nate broke his knee. I asked him if he wanted to call an ambulance or if he wanted for us to just drive to the emergency room (it’s really close to our house). He chose us driving so I helped him out to the car and into the passenger seat, but when I got into the car I was in the passenger seat and he was driving. On our way there I remembered he had a broken knee and I freaked out because what was he doing driving with a broken knee!? So I made him pull over and let me drive.


The Layne thing also reminds me of Poor Gouda who seems to be experiencing a sudden relapse of the digestion issues. I’ve put him back on the steroid for a couple of days to see if that will clear it up. I’m trying to avoid a trip to the vet’s office; he’s been doing so well! The timing kind of sucks because we were just getting ready to start a food challenge to try to get him back onto normal chow, off the low allergen stuff. It looks like that is not going to happen right now though!

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