I am an Idiot Part 379

Let me preface this by saying that I have one drawer at work where I keep my purse and it is the only drawer at work I keep locked. I keep the key to that drawer along with the key to my docking station on a key ring together that I normally carry in my pants pocket if I’m at work, or leave in my purse if I’m not at work. I only have one key to this particular drawer so if I were to lose this key I would be in a crap-load of trouble.

I think you see where this is headed.

Sort of.

Today I wore a very cute skirt/sweater set to work. I recently (finally) remember to cut open the pockets on the skirt so I could carry my desk key like normal.

So I got back from lunch and reached into my pocket and there was no key. Pretty sure that wasn’t possible I checked again and still no key.

So next I checked my not-so-secret hiding place where I keep my key if I happen to be wearing something that doesn’t have pockets. (For the record it’s under my keyboard.) Not there either.

Cue mild panic.

By this point I was starting to seriously question my decision to lock my purse in a drawer that I only had one key to.

I was also starting to try to retrace my steps so I could figure out at which point the key fell out of my pocket.

And finally, I was also picking up EVERYTHING on my desk and moving it around and pretty much making a mess of things just in case the key go tucked in there somewhere.

And THANK GOD because I was already imagining scenarios involving the facilities guys having to break into my desk to retrieve my purse for me and MAN would that be embarrassing.

Of course now that I have my key safely back in my pocket I am re-thinking my decision to re-think the location of my purse.

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