Working From Home

So yesterday I worked from home because we were having the final inspection on our deck. I think we passed. I mean the inspector came. He knocked on the door to let me know that he was here, and then when he was done he just drove off. So…. that means we passed?

Anyways! While I was working from home I started conducting a mental pros/cons list of working from home.


  • Being able to change the sheets on the bed while I would normally be driving in to work
  • Cleaning the bathroom and starting a load of laundry on my “lunch break”
  • Getting to watch the pets do cute things while locked in the office with me
  • Being able to blog in the middle of the day (this was totally supposed to be posted yesterday but I got busy doing actual work stuff so I didn’t actually have time to blog about it)


  • I always have 1-2 phone messages when I get back to the office, even though if I had actually been in the office no one would have called me
  • It’s too easy to keep working when I would normally be on my way home from work because I’m already home so I don’t feel that rush to run out the door at the end of the day
  • Having to listen to one dog whine because the other dog is on the prized bed

Really though? I love working from home. Love it! I like being able to do housework type things to break up my day and I think I actually get more done because there are fewer distractions and less peope hovering. I read somewhere that it’s a big adjustment and all, having to get used to not having so much personal interaction during the day and the isolation but all in all I think I could take it! If we could just convince the rest of the company it was a good idea.

One thought on “Working From Home

  1. David usually has his office phone forwarded to our house phone so he doesn’t miss calls when he’s working from home. Then again, if you don’t want to talk to anyone… 🙂


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