Bonding (and Crappy Internet)


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So my friend, Ted, wanted to check our tournament bracket Friday evening, to see how we were all doing. While he was using my laptop he noticed how ridiculously slow my internet was. And had been for like a month. Since I hadn’t made any changes I was 99% sure it was a Time Warner thing and that it would fix itself eventually.

Ted, being a computer genius, wasn’t satisfied with my blaming of Time Warner so he started checking things and while he was laying there Gouda walked over and cuddled up next to his leg. It was pretty cute.

In the end Ted disabled my Symantec (which I don’t even have a subscription to) and that seemed to do the trick so I uninstalled it the next morning. It actually kind of pisses me off that Symantec must have run some sort of update that was seriously slowing down my internet connection. I mean maybe they were trying to trick me into thinking I had a virus so I would update my subscription?

Probably not, but you never know!


4 thoughts on “Bonding (and Crappy Internet)

  1. gravydave

    I’ve already gotten in the habit of uninstalling Symantec (if it’s on there) every time I am asked to take a look at someone’s computer.


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