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So one of the downsides to having the contractors around all the time working on the deck (aside from the nails and deck furniture in the yard and the mud and cigarette butts everywhere) would be the fact that they don’t seem to have noticed that I have plants. In the ground. In beds designated by pine straw.

So far they’ve squashed these two black grasses and two gardenias. I’m pretty sure that one black grass on the left will make it, but I’m not holding out much hope for that one on the right. It’s so very, very sad. I’m also about 99% sure one of my gardenias will definitely not make it and about 50% sure about the other one.

I had planned on potting those grasses eventually anyways, I just wish the guys had been a little more careful so I could have saved them both.

On the bright side the deck will be done soon and we can finally get everything cleaned up and re-assembled.

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