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The Met

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So our week went sort of like this:

Wednesday: Arrive. Lunch. Museum of Modern Art (modern art is kind of WEIRD sometimes). Wandering aimlessly. Bryant Park. Wicked (loved it!).

Thursday: Louisville vs. Providence. Empire State building. Wandering aimlessly (including trips to H&M, Madison Square Park, Barnes and Noble, Petco, Wine Store). Chat and Chew for dinner with my cousin. (delicious). Subway home.

Friday: Statue of Liberty. Ellis Island Museum. Subway up to the bottom right edge of Central Park. Walked to the Met. (bottom corner is central park is at 59th, the Met is at ~82nd.) Walked back through the park so the subway stop we got off at. Attempted to eat at ESPN Zone but the 1.5 hour wait changed out mind. Dinner at Applebees (because frankly after walking around for 5 minutes trying to decide where to eat that’s what we were in front of and we were STARVING.)

Saturday: Shopping. Rockefeller Plaza. St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Zane Patrick’s Day. Nap at the hotel (also a break to ice my knee because holy crap was it sore by the end). Dinner at umm… Harrison’s I think? Irish Sports Pub. (delicious!) Louisville vs. Syracuse (did you know Syracuse is in NY? Because it is, so the stadium was PACKED with orange. And also what kind of mascot is an orange? I mean besides a ridiculously cute one.)

Anyways, it was a great trip, a lot of fun.The city is amazing and as I was riding up to the fourth floor of the Barnes and Noble looking for a book to read on the plane ride home I kind of felt like I was in some weird alternate universe. I wish I had brought my knee sleeve/brace thing with me because boy did I need it and the ace bandage I bought at the Walgreens (the 3 story Walgreens) wasn’t very comfortable. Also, WTF is up with all the revolving doors? I seriously HATE revolving doors and they were everywhere! I do not miss that.

2 thoughts on “NYC Roundup

  1. kimmy

    H&M!? I want to go there!! So jealous….we have some revolving doors downtown and people are encouraged to use them because they help conserve energy. During the winter the cold air stays out and the warm stays in!


  2. Shoot! If you had been here when I *wasn’t* stuck in Jersey I would have loved to meet up with you. Pooey.

    I’m glad you had fun!

    (BTW, we love revolving doors here. They’re environmentally precise AND they have high incidence of pratfall comedy.)


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