Welcome to New York: Day One

Empire State Building

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We landed in NY on Wednesday and there were some guys waiting in the luggage pickup area asking if people needed taxis. Which of course we did. So out to the parking lot we go, which was sort of my first clue that this was maybe not a good idea. When the guy started hitting his remote buttons trying to find his car I was even less sure it was a good idea.

Long story short we took what my cousin called a “Gypsy Cab” from the airport to the hotel. A black towncar, a “limo” service if you want to call it that. I wouldn’t. Apparently you’re supposed to negotiate the price before you get in the car.

NY: 1
Tourists: 0

Weather was foggy and drizzly when we landed, but there was no rain so that was good. We checked into our hotel and wandered around to find something to eat and the theater we’d be going to that evening. Nate took me to see Wicked which I didn’t know much about but it turned out to be really really cute and I liked it a lot.

Back in the hotel we saw that Marquette was staying there too, which was kind of cool. And the Marquette fans in the bar were SUPER pumped and very loud.