Putting off Packing

So…. we’re flying out tomorrow at 8:50 and I still need to pack. I also need to watch the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian from Netflix. I’m trying to decide if I can do both at the same time or if I’ll wind up in New York with no socks or something stupid like that.

Also? It’s going to be freaking in the 40’s again. I thought I was done with cold weather! I mean good news? I get to wear my sweaters. Bad news? I have to bring a coat which I so don’t feel like hauling around with me.

And on a sort of related note apparently I have very knobby elbows because I’ve had holes in the left elbow of THREE freaking sweaters this year. I need to train myself to not put my elbows on my desk but it’s hard.

And now I have to go pack and start my movie.

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