Missed it by that Much

So I may have mentioned that we’re having our deck screened in. (I may not have mentioned it, frankly I’m too lazy to go back and look to find out).

Last November Nate’s uncle came over to help us draw up a plan to submit to the town for our permit. After making some corrections to the plan and speaking with the permitting office about 500 times, our permit was granted.

Fast forward to February, Nate’s uncle has been working a TON and no longer has time and on our own we certainly don’t have the expertise so we got quotes and hired someone to do it for us.

They came out last Thursday and by Friday afternoon were ready for our first inspection. They had the roof on, shingled and electric wiring done. Aside from the fact that I’m going to have to replace 4 plants that they have completely mangled I’m more than happy with their work.

Then came the inspection which apparently did not go well due to the fact that our gas fireplace vents onto the deck and they think we need another outlet back there. Or something like that. Personally I’m thinking “WTF?!” because I had a conversation with the town about the gas fireplace venting onto the deck and they told me to check my manual for the cover clearance to make sure it would be OK to put the roof over it, and the manual said 18 inches, so I’m pretty sure the ceiling being a good 6 feet above that should not be a problem. Especially considering the deck is just SCREENED and last time I checked air passes pretty freely through screens and stuff. Not to mention THEY APPROVED OUR PLANS. They actually, on the phone, pointed out to me the bit about our fireplace venting and said we couldn’t attach a roof to a chimney, which we don’t have and THEY ARE THE ONES THAT SAID CHECK THE MANUAL.

So right now I would very much like to strangle our town permitting department/engineers/inspection group because they approved the plans knowing we had one outlet and a gas fireplace that vents onto the deck and isn’t that something they maybe should have thought of BEFORE we had the roof built?! Holy freaking crap this pisses me off. Especially because they rejected our permit once and we had to go back and fill out our deck footer information before re-submitting so it’s not like they didn’t look at the plans at all and didn’t want to reject them in the first place.


Up until yesterday we thought everything was going GREAT and even had hopes of being done by today. Now, not so much.

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  1. Man, home improvements are never as easy as they seem, are they? On the bright side, we were thinking about getting our deck screened in some day, so at least we’ll know to look for that now 🙂


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