Too Old for This Crap

This is me and Nate standing outside in the cold rain waiting for the doors to open at Licoln Theater in Raleigh. We were going to the Shinedown concert and as we were standing outside in the cold joking about how it could be worse, it could be raining, it started raining!

So by the time we got inside we were wet and cold and me and Jennifer made a new rule: “No more concerts in the winter if it’s raining,” but I’m pretty sure we already had a rule about no more concerts where you have to stand for 3-4 hours and yet, there we were!

It was a good show. Halestorm opened, then Black Stone Cherry and then Shinedown who played for over an hour which normally is awesome but I was so exhausted by the end I almost hoped there wouldn’t be an encore (which of course there was). And it made me wonder… if the band left the stage and the crowd didn’t scream like maniacs for the encore, would there still be on? Because it’s not like the encore is some surprise. They’re definitely coming back out for it. Just a thought.