Soccer Fan

Tonight is Nate’s last indoor soccer game of the winter season. I’m not sure when the spring season starts but I’m pretty sure his team is going to play then too. Then on Monday he starts an outdoor team. So he’ll have soccer Mondays and Wednesdays.

I’ve decided that while he’s playing soccer I’m going to play tennis. Maybe. Probably. If I can get my friend, Jennifer, to play with me. I’m pretty sure she will. I’m pretty excited by the idea of it! I got a tennis skirt the other day at target, I just need to get some tennis shoes. I mean I have sneakers, but I’ve been told you really need flat shoes to play tennis and my shoes are running shoes. Or walking shoes. Or something like that.


So anyways, GO TEAM! Last week I missed Nate’s game but I hear he scored twice and they lost anyways. And some guy got pushed by a girl. I’m sorry I missed that last part, but he seemed pretty amused by the whole thing. And one of thses days I need to look into those little stadium seat cushion things because those benches are NOT built for comfort.

One thought on “Soccer Fan

  1. I’m not going to dwell on the loss. I really did feel like crying after missing my two shots. TWO!! I CAN’T HANDLE THE PRESSURE! oh, btw, I love your coat! At least the next season starts next week. I’m having a really really good time playing, and I do think I’m improving!


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