Back in the Saddle

Or I guess back on the DDR would be more accurate!

I think my knee is better. I finished my steroid pack and it hasn’t hurt for a while so I figured I would go ahead and take a chance and I got back on the Dance Dance for a few songs. I wore the knee brace, and I lived! So far so good!

And before I could get too excited about how awesome I am at the DDR I (which really I’m not but whatever) I played a couple games of Wii Tennis. I suck at Wii tennis. So bad. So bad it’s almost embarassing because how can it be so hard! And yet I can’t even beat the game when I play by myself! What the crap?!

Oh, and also my dogs have reverted to being complete morons. Spending time out of their crate they have started getting bored and coasters, a tv remote and a few DVDs didn’t survive. We got Layne a new metal crate. I’d like to see the dingo chew her way out of that one!

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